"A. M. V. Ukraine" - always high quality and delicious!

About the company

     You are greeted by the company "A. M. V. Ukraine ”! Our company is based in Ukraine and is one of the enterprises for the production of flavoring, complex and functional additives and decorative toppings, which are necessary components in the manufacture of quality and tasty meat, fish and sausage products, as well as semi-finished products from chopped meat.
     We want to emphasize that “A. M. V. Ukraine ”has its own brand, which is respected and has a good reputation.
     In the process of production, our company uses only the latest technology, which allows you to fulfill exclusive orders, while maintaining the unique taste of the product.
     The main components of our seasoning mixtures are natural, environmentally friendly food additives, as well as concentrates. Using the services of our company, you will have the opportunity to see the impeccable quality and variety of flavors offered by the company. Using the products of “A. M. V. Ukraine ”, you can make products with a unique, original taste and become a worthy competitor in the food market of Ukraine.
     Our company employs highly qualified specialists in the field of new technologies, and a network of distributors and professional consultants are always ready to tell you in detail about the product range and help you to choose. And also provide technological services at the opening of the shop.
     The company provides all regulations in accordance with state standards.
     Contact us! Use our services and you will be satisfied!


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м. Жидачів 81700

вул. Промислова, 3


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